Asthma deaths could be avoided – The importance of brown preventer inhalers

Preventer inhalers for the respiratory condition asthma usually comprise of a steroid drug and are used daily to prevent symptoms from developing by working to reduce inflammation in the airways. As the inflammation has subsided, there is less risk o..

Fear of weight gain preventing smokers from quitting

Most people are in agreement that smoking is bad. There are thousands of toxic chemicals contained within just a single cigarette that can cause a variety of different types of cancer and heart disease, not to mention the soaring cost of actually buy..

Wales schoolboy left brain damaged following asthma attack

A young family from Wales has had their lives shattered after their son has been left brain damaged following an asthma attack. The family of 11-year-old schoolboy Geraint Richards from Tondy, near Bridgend, have decided to speak out and warn othe..

Lose weight and achieve a summer beach body

With exactly one month to go until the official beginning of the summer season in the UK, perhaps now is the perfect time to start thinking about achieving that body fit for the beach you have always dreamed about, but not quite done much about! D..

Teenager with HIV blasts school sex education

A HIV-positive teenager has hit out at sex education in schools, claiming he learned nothing about the disease whilst at high school and if he had, he might have been more equipped to understand the main risks involved with contracting it. Luke Al..

Has plain packaging failed? Cigarette sales are on the rise

Australia’s plain packaging smoking legislation came into force back in December 2012, forcing all tobacco products to be sold in dull, drab boxes with no fancy design, branding, or manufacturer information. Instead, there was only permitted to be ..