Air Pollution, Hay fever and the Treatment

Every year in the UK millions of people experience the discomfort and symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis, better known as hay fever. In fact, health experts say Britain currently has one of the highest rates of hay fever in the world..

Being sat down for too long each day could prove fatal

Are you sat down reading this? The chances are likely you probably are. However, you may not be sat comfortably for long. According to research, those who are sat down for extended periods of the day are putting themselves at serious risk of a whole ..

How boozing and hangover food can make you pile the weight on

Those of you looking to lose weight for the summer, a word of warning: Having a few alcoholic drinks each weak can be disastrous for your waistline – whether or not you have reverted to a low-calorie drinks. However, the majority of the weight g..

Allergy Awareness Week begins as hayfever sufferers set to face brutal summer

As we are into the second day of Allergy Awareness Week – proudly supported by Medical Specialists™ Pharmacy – New research has shown that hayfever rates have soared to record levels and could get much worse in the future. Britain is set to ..

Weekend excesses linked to most internet health searches on a Monday

Following a heavy weekend of boozing and feasting on fatty takeaway food, it is only natural to be more worried about our health come Monday, as the realisation of our excesses starts to hit home. Therefore, it should come as little surprise to le..

Asthma deaths could be avoided – The importance of brown preventer inhalers

Preventer inhalers for the respiratory condition asthma usually comprise of a steroid drug and are used daily to prevent symptoms from developing by working to reduce inflammation in the airways. As the inflammation has subsided, there is less ..