Ginger may spice up asthma medications

Ginger extract could prove a lot of more useful than simply tasting delicious and having a soothing effect on the stomach – it may also help to soothe the lungs for asthma sufferers. According to the researchers of a new study, asthmatics could ..

This Morning presenter Matt Johnson hasn’t let asthma beat him

Welsh Daytime TV presenter Matt Johnson has highlighted the seriousness of asthma and the importance of using asthma medicine after speaking to Wales Online, describing how he almost collapsed ‘in the middle of nowhere’ whilst out running. “..

Quadruple rise in childhood obesity hospital admissions

Alarming NHS figures show that the number of children requiring hospital treatment for obesity-related conditions has increased more than four-fold in less than ten years. The analysis, conducted by researchers at Imperial College London, comprise..

Asthma, rhinitis and eczema symptoms all ignited by deodorant sprays

The lingering strong smell of frequent deodorant use amongst teenagers is so common that it has led to teachers taking to online forums to share their complaints about having to teach through the waft of Lynx on a daily basis. Largely down to thei..

Children given Calpol could be more likely to develop asthma

A major study has found a possible link between paracetamol – the primary ingredient of Calpol medicines – and the risk of children developing asthma. Calpol is the most popular painkiller in Britain; given to 84% of babies during the first si..

Eating more fibre could ease asthma symptoms

The results from animal studies suggest that asthma treatment may bizzarely come in the form a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Tests on mice, as reported in the journal Nature Medicine, has found that a high-fibre diet can impact the balance of..